I’m here to tell you that elevating your home may be much easier than you think. Investing in some small, affordable pieces could create the interior dream you’ve been dying to have. When it comes to interior decorating, there are no rules! Simply copying what you see online can be easy but finding pieces that are unique to you can really make your house feel like your home. I like to do this by finding pieces at street fairs, small boutiques, or even shopping on Etsy.


Wall art doesn’t need to be a rare Vincent Van Gogh piece, it can be simple. In fact, it seems like the simpler the art is, the more expensive it looks. You can find canvases from your local flea market, print out large photos, or even make something yourself. The key is oversizing something and framing it. Go for something with neutral colors to tie together the room, or bold colors to make a statement. Mirrors are also a great way to open up a space and create a luxurious feel. Go with a large one that can lean against the wall or one to hang above a mantel.


Having real plants in your home area is a great source of energy and life while also transforming your home. Simple glass vases will be your best friend; throw in some fresh flowers or baby’s breath, and you’ve instantly brought the place to life. Plants and fancy planters are also great space fillers.


Sometimes it can be overwhelming to find the right balance between having a cozy or chic home. Textured throw pillows and fuzzy blankets create a more inviting environment while creating a luxe space. Don’t be shy with this, layer pillows and blankets. Play around with items until you find the right balance between something chic and elevated, but still inviting and cozy.


Bathrooms can be the most overlooked room in a home; but there are so many little things you can do to create a spa-like space. First! Bathroom accessories. Find a cute matching set that looks both luxurious and clean. This will already alter the whole vibe of the room. Swap soap bars for a luxe alternative: try Aesop or milk + honey. If you cannot justify spending a fortune on hand soap and lotion, opt out for a matching glass soap dispenser and fill with your favorites. These will surely do the trick.


There are several little ways to accessorize your apartment. Sometimes, you have so many ideas on how to do this, that you end up buying a whole bunch of random things that don’t even work well together. Simplicity IS KEY! Keep it simple, keep it clean. You can do this by placing decorative trays throughout your home. You can place books, magazines, candles, incense, and fancy coasters on top. Some of my favorite candles to invest in are Jo Malone and Diptique candles. The great thing about these candles is that once they are melted down, you can use the containers for a decorative purposes or for storage. I use mine to hold my makeup brushes, glosses, makeup, you name it. Decorative trays are also great in a bathroom, holding a few of your most beautiful beauty products on display.

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