It seems like one is never done with interior decorating – at least for me, that’s always the case! I love rearranging items and finding new items to fill our space with. When Emilio and I first moved into our 2 bedroom place we knew we wanted it to be both modern and cozy. We wanted it to be completely representative of our vibe, have touches of warmth and be filled with memories of some of our most cherished moments.

It always seems to be such a challenge when starting a new design project – Where to start? What to incorporate? What’s the color scheme? What are the textural elements? How do we make it modern, but homey? These are all questions we always ask ourselves. For me – starting with some of the larger home decor elements like the couch, coffee table and maybe an accent chair can help frame my mind and give me a sense of direction. Once I nail down these pieces, it seems like everything else easily falls into place! I start having so much more fun with my choices and can then decorate around these pieces.

I had the pleasure of partnering with Joybird, whose pieces I fell in love with immediately! I really am so grateful for this partnership – these pieces really spoke to Emilio and I have been the focal points in our home. Since we work from home and spend so much time in our home office, it’s so nice to have a space that flows from one room to the other and where we feel incredibly comfortable in and that we love so much. We’ll pop over from our home office to the couch to take a business call or take a quick lunch break here. This space always feels so inviting.

More importantly, this space serves as a place where we have been overjoyed with our highest highs and learned from our lowest lows. It’s been a meeting place, a place of infinite possibility, a place of love, of refuge and of laughter. This home was where we came to after we got married and where all of our memories were created since then. These pieces not only serve a functional purpose, but to me, they have become pieces that remind me of all the little things that make a home, a home – love, light, laughter. These are the memories I will carry with me forever.

Finding pieces that are right for you is so key. You want to step into a room and instantly feel happy – you want it to uplift you and speak to you. For us, the modern and sleek concrete coffee table did just that. I loved that I could stack my favorite coffee table books on the bottom and pair it with the velvet accent chair for a polished look. These pieces brought the refinement to the space that we were looking for. The couch – I can’t say enough good things about! We’ve had many movie nights cuddled up against this L-shaped sectional and it has been the best! Comfy, modern and when all the pillows are fluffed just right – sleek!

Thank you to the Joybird team for making our house a home. It’s truly been filled with JOY! We’ll forever cherish all the beautiful moments made here. ♡

Joybird Bryant Sofa/Sectional | Joybird Pink Accent Chair

Joybird Huge Coffee Table | Framebridge Gallery Wall

Hermes Avalon Blanket | Desenio Wall Art

Rolling Greens Fiddle Leaf Fig Tree | Target Floor Lamp

Home Goods Straw Basket | Zara Dress


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