I can’t resist beautiful lashes I have to admit! I think lashes are such a key component to shaping your eyes. They make a huge difference and are one of my favorite parts about beauty. For the past few years, I’ve been getting lash extensions at BlinkBar located in West Hollywood and have loved the results and the ease! I quickly wanted to share some pros (and cons) + tips for anyone considering them.


I love how much time I save each morning since skipping mascara. In my natural state, I’m kind of a perfectionist and spend far too much time perfecting my mascara! Lash extensions help me skip this step and are perfect for when I’m at the gym, need to run errands or just want makeup-free days. I love being able to run out of the house but still look very put together and very awake.


I love that I can skip using makeup wipes to remove my mascara – this not only saves time but more importantly is way gentler for my under eyes and lids. Sometimes using wipes and harsh soaps can cause a lot of tension to the delicate skin area, so not having to wipe/scrub allows for firmer skin and less fine lines/wrinkles. Definitely a win-win!


One of my favorite things about lash extensions is that you can customize it to your eye shape – think length and fullness! If you have almond-shaped eyes like I do, then a cat-eye shape will look beautiful. BlinkBar offers different styles customized to your shape which includes the “Coquette” – perfect for fluttering and flirting lashes, the “Boho” – perfect for those battable and dollface eyes, the “Vixen” – perfect for a very full and luscious look, and the “Temptress” – a luxe cat-eye that’s both gorgeous and sultry. Not only can you customize the shape, but also the length! This is so important since I don’t like to go crazy with my extensions – I like a much more natural look so I tend to go a bit shorter. Also – find a stylist that you really love. I tried out a few before I came across a stylist that I loved to work with!


So there are pros and cons to this. They aren’t permanent and anything permanent should definitely be thought through! You’ll have to come in every 2 to 3 weeks for a touch up to keep your shape looking full. It does get a bit annoying having to touch them up I’ll admit, but the time you save and how they look naturally are worth it for me. Also – you don’t have to keep getting them done and definitely should take a break every few months. I think they are great for travel and big occasions. They were PERFECT for my wedding and PERFECT for when I was traveling to Bali and Tulum. They held on for weeks after my wedding and I didn’t have mascara running down my face every time I cried haha! They’re also so perfect for traveling to hot/humid climates and when you know you’ll be in the water. The last thing I want to do is apply mascara and have it drip down my face. I’m usually bare-faced in these climates and a simple lash extension and cheek tint is all I need.


+ bring some headphones and listen to a podcast or music since sessions aren’t short

+ don’t use any oil-based products to wash your lashes

+ use the clean spoolie brush given to you to brush them daily

+ don’t pull on them and let them fall out naturally

*Few sidenotes – if lash extensions aren’t your thing (cons: time and money commitment) then I totally get you! I definitely have my moments of consistency then take much needed long breaks! Also if you don’t take a break you’ll notice your natural lashes start to fall. While I love them, I HIGHLY recommend them for short periods of time or just for travel and big occasions. I’m also looking forward to trying a lash lift which is much less abrasive so I will keep you in the loop about that!


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