The springtime sun is right around the corner meaning it is time to swap out our teddy coats and boots for sundresses and sandals! After having our skin tucked away during the colder months, we might need to do a few things to restore its radiance. Here’s how!


Healthy, radiant skin starts in the shower. I have been loving the Elemis Frangipani Monoi Shower Cream. This luxurious cream cleanser removes any dirt from the day while nourishing your skin with several rich oils. Next, comes exfoliation which is incredibly important in getting rid of our dead skin cells for soft and smooth skin. There are several different ways to exfoliate; whether it be by using an exfoliating tool or exfoliating gloves, shedding the outer layer of skin that may have been dried out by the winter is the key. Afterward, we can nourish our skin with hydrating products that will absorb into the skin rather than simply sitting on top of it.


I’ve had my fair share of trials when it comes to self-tanning products. For me, it was never something I really felt was worth my time. Between the awful self-tanning scents that seem to linger, uneven skin tones and streaking, and devoting my night to a tanning routine, I swore I’d pledge to be pale forever. That was until I discovered my favorite tanning porduct. Though pricey, incredibly worth it. Tan Luxe Self Tanning Drops have changed my life forever!

What is so different about this product is that it does not replace your favorite moisturizers and serums. Instead, you mix a few drops of this bad boy into your preferred moisturizer and there you have it! A self-tailored tanning product that boosts your natural radiance and stimulates skin firmness while giving you a sun-kissed glow. Tanning made easy, without the unnecessary ingredients, unbearable scent, and no stress about staining your clothes! I have loved using Tan Luxe for so many reasons. 1. Easy 2. The coverage is buildable 3. I can also use it on my face and it looks so natural.


When self-tanning or caring for your skin in general, it is so important to keep your skin hydrated! Thick body butter and luminous body oils are definitely my go to. When it comes to body moisturizers, Palmer’s Cocoa Butter Lotion and good old 100% Pure Coconut oil have always been my ride or die moisturizers, leaving my skin feeling deeply hydrated. However, lately, I have been loving the Elemis Frangipani Monoi Body Oil. This product absorbs into my skin, leaving it supple and satin smooth. Hydrated skin is the key to youthful looking skin and allows for a long-lasting tan. By the end of this routine, I guarantee your skin will feel soft as ever. But sometimes, we just want that little extra glow, right? Incorporating glowy illuminators and mists into your skincare for a day/night out adds vibrancy and luminosity to your skin. When it comes to makeup, my holy grail product for a glow is the Diorskin Nude Luminizer Shimmering Glow Powder. This product is definitely worth the splurge as it gives you a glow from within kind of look. Follow these steps and you will surely be a glowing goddess.

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