Some nights are easier than others when it comes to getting your beauty sleep. But what if I told you that changing your pillowcase could change the way you sleep forever? Not only do silk pillowcases allow for a more restful night of sleep, but they also benefit your hair, skin, and overall health.


Do you ever wake up with your hair feeling brittle and static-filled? Or maybe with dull and stripped skin? You wonder why. You’ve invested all of your time and money into the best haircare and skincare products. And yet, you don’t feel like your skin is getting the hydration it needs from your products. The most commonly used pillowcases are made out of cotton. Cotton, as we know, is known for being an absorbent material. So, if we are sleeping on these cotton pillowcases, it can actually absorb and strip your skin and hair of all its essential oils and the products you’ve used. Not only will you be waking up with your skin feeling dry and tight, but this could also affect your skin’s youthfulness in the long run. Between drying out your skin and waking up with fine lines caused by your pillowcase, this can lead to premature wrinkles and aging. These pillowcases also tug at your hair causing breakage and friction. Silk pillowcases, on the other hand, are more gentle on the skin as well as the hair. Silk is less absorbent than cotton allowing hair to lock in moisture and reduce damage caused by friction. I made the switch from cotton to silk about 6 months ago and I don’t think I could ever turn back. It not only is super gentle on my skin and hair, but also feels so luxurios sleeping on and waking up to.


Even if we swear to wash our pillowcases routinely, some materials are prone to holding onto more buildup and bacteria than others. Dust and allergens can wiggle their way into cotton material, but because silk is woven so tightly together, it allows your pillowcase to stay cleaner and bacteria free for a longer period of time. Resting your head on harmful bacteria can affect your breathing, allergies, and overall sleep. Count me out please!

I have linked a few different silk pillowcases as well as some silk accessories that could be used for a more youthful and refreshing night of sleep!

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